Home Cleaning Services


Blitz cleaning:-


A mechanised cleanup which includes steam cleaning with industrial grade equipment for almost all surfaces – complete sterilization without application of cleaning solutions. walls and ceiling cleaning.




Blitz cleaning of home:-


  • 8 hours of blitz cleaning by our trained specialists
  • Complete coverage of your home’s kitchen, bathrooms, bedrooms & other living areas including spaces your daily regimen doesn’t address.
  • Surface management that covers mirrors, windows, ceilings & floors, treatment of all wooden & steel surfaces.
  • Vacuuming and dust-proofing of sofas, chairs & carpets
  • Sanitization of toilets, showers, tubs & sinks




Kitchen cleaning consists:-


  • Wipe and disinfect all exterior appliances
  • Wipe and organize all exterior shelves
  • Clean accessible surfaces with the correct biodegradable chemicals




All rooms cleaning consists:


  • All-encompassing surface management i.e. wiping with the correct chemicals, all surfaces along with mirrors, windows, ceiling and floors
  • Vacuuming and dust-proofing of sofas, chairs and carpets
  • Treatment of steel and wooden surfaces
  • Cleaning all glass panes and windows that are safe to access
  • Dusting of walls and furniture
  • Dusting of Ceilings and all Electrical Fixtures, except for chandeliers
  • Wet and Dry mopping of floors




Floor Scrubbing –


  • Specialized machines with the use of correct cleaning & disinfecting chemicals that remove the deep layers of dirt from the floors. Wooden floors not included




Bathroom cleaning consists:


  • Buffing and Sanitizing of the toilet, sink and shower
  • Wipe and organize exterior shelves
  • Clean and remove stains on mirrors and glass






Office cleaning :                  


  • Removal of Cobwebs
  • Dusting of Tables, chairs, all filling cabinets
  • Cleaning of walls, Kitchen / Pantry, Toilets
  • Cleaning of floor by using Machine & Steam cleaning by shifting Furniture Disinfecting entire premises.
  • Thorough Scrubbing and washing of floor
  • All light switches, electric covers will be cleaned.
  • All shelves, cupboard, cabinets will be cleaned.
  • All doors and doorframes will be wiped.
  • Cleaning of cobwebs and dust from walls will be done.
  • Glass Cleaning will be done.
  • Through cleaning and Scrubbing of wash rooms will be done.
  • Vacuuming and dust-proofing of sofas, chairs and carpets
  • Treatment of steel and wooden surfaces




Spring cleaning.


Spring cleaning A through intensive cleanup focusing on all surfaces, nooks and crannies. Will include inside of cabinets-not personal wardrobes and crockery though parapets, ledger, ducts and loft.




  • Cleaning of Glass windows, sils, grills.
  • Removal of Cobwebs
  • Normal Vacuuming of sofa, chairs, carpets, curtain
  • Dusting of Gadgets and interiors.
  • Cleaning and Disinfection of Washrooms, bedrooms, living area
  • Cleaning of Cabinets and Wardrobes(Internally and externally)
  • Fridge, Microwave and Chimney (both internally externally)
  • Degreasing and disinfection of kitchen
  • Scrubbing of Floor.
  • Buffing and Sanitizing of the toilet, sink and shower
  • Wipe and organize exterior shelves
  • Clean and remove stains on mirrors and glass
  • Scrub and organize all exterior shelves.






Our Pest Control Service focuses on your home by dividing it up into four zones. We call it our 4-Way Pest Stopper. we perform a crack and crevice treatment in the kitchen and bathrooms. This includes plumbing and electrical chases, in and around the appliances and between the cabinets and walls. We also provide general surface treatments.


  • General Disinfection
  • Termite Control
  • Wood Borer Control
  • Rodent Control
  • Bed Bugs / Mosquito & Fly Control Service





  • 1st step is grinding. It’s most powerful and dynamic step, also known as slippage removal or flattening. Even new installed marble floor c an have some tiles be upper or lower of floor flatness. This step removes all ledges, roughness and brings flatness to marble floors. Also, this step can remove the deepest scratches and stains.


  • 2nd step is honing. Honing is the step of floor restoration provides smoothing the marble floor with industrial diamonds, which brings up more shine to the marble. Honing will also remove scratches, stains and give a more uniform appearance. In a some cases honing is all that’s needed to get you stone looking spectacular again.


  • 3rd step is polishing. Polishing gives semi-shining or shining effect to the marble floor. Polishing is done by industrial diamonds, but smaller graded, than while honing. For marble floors in good condition a polishing can be enough to bring back the shine.


  • 4th step is buffing or crystallization. Crystallization is a method of marble floor finishing. Its brings “mirror like” shine by chemical reaction on the surface of marble. Crystallization also creates micro film on the surface of marble, which is more solid and durable and helps to preserve the color and the brightness of the marble. Crystallization is a very good method for regular stone maintenance.



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